A message from APA Group

Dear All,

As the spread of Covid-19 continues and has a greater impact upon our lives I thought it necessary to update you on our response and the likely impact.
It is worth pointing out that at this moment in time our business is functioning normally. Our warehouse is fully operational, our sales teams are in place, our engineers are working as are accounts and customer service. We will continue to operate as normal and we will continue to follow the guidance set out by the UK Government.
Our stock of product is currently very good and we have taken steps to ensure, as best we can, that product availability is maintained. There are some products, perhaps unsurprisingly where stocks are limited or severely depleted and you won’t be surprised to learn that these include face masks, gloves and toilet roll.
In order to ensure availability we may require to substitute products. Please rest assured that where this happens the substitute product will be of an equal quality. Please note that it may not always be possible to advise customers that a product is going to be substituted.
We ask that all of our customers are understanding during this time. As you will appreciate there are many people and organisations involved in our global supply chain, and therefore our very high standards of service may be impacted as parts of our supply chain cope with the pressures caused by the virus. We need to appreciate that people will be off work and Governments will impose restrictions all of which will create delays and operational difficulties. Please bear with us as we work hard to fulfil our customer promises.
Please also remember that we offer multiple routes to purchase our products including our van service, our telesales service and our online service. If you would like further details on any of these channels then please do not hesitate to contact your sales representative.
This is a very fast moving situation and as it develops we will communicate further. Suffice to say we are here for our customers and will be working hard to keep you supplied with the products you need to run your businesses.
Finally I would like to wish you lots of luck and good health to you, your friends and your families.
Together I am sure we will get through this.
Jonathan Formon
Managing Director